Commission painting .

The night of the WWC 30th Anniversary event on the 28th of June went well, in the large room filled with a diverse mixture of people sat around huge beautifully dressed circular tables. It was a big event and I felt privileged that I had been commissioned to en-capture some of what this charity was all about. My aim for the painting was to evoke feelings/ thoughts of a safe place without completely blocking out the outside world. After a few conversations with Fiona Miller CEO for the WWC my thoughts were drawn to the word sanctuary that came popping up after reading the book which women who had found the centre to be helpful had written in describing their experiences.

My first imagery came as a small square, I allowed this to evolve in its own way while working on a few sketches and doing a little research on the symbolic meanings of colours. The two enquiries flowed well together and the painting started to emerge without too much control of my own, creating an inviting space to just be in and evoke feelings of safety. The colours I worked into the painting represent feminism, safety, hope and empowerment to name just a few.

The square I started with ended up as a kind of window of blue sky and a few clouds.

Peter Taylor the Mayor of Watford came along to unveil the painting, which was a good way to start the evening.

Do have a look at all the good work and vital services WWC offer.

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