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Sheelagh is a  visual artist.  She is interested in social and cultural subjects, experimenting with memory, space and time. 

 Past works

Into Voices. 2015/2016


 Project description

Into Voices attempts to describes the idea of being submerged in a world of voice hearing. The often unseen in todays society. Sheelagh explores the concept of voice hearing and attempts to convey this message through symbolism in renaissance worked paintings. installation, video art and photography help build bridges between  voice hearers and non-voice hearers. With the intention of provoking thoughts that would kickstart a change in preconceived  ideas on the subject.  A collection of art and poetry was put into a handmade book and is still being added to up to date.

During the project  bookmaking workshops and talks were implemented.  Please see learning.




2015 Gallery at Night watford museum

2015-2016 Space2 gallery Watford

2016 The Trestle theatre gallery St Albans

2016 Peter Ingram gallery.  Apsley

2017 Artist in residency Space2 Galley Watford




 Revelled & Other stories  by Sue Hampton.

Heaven's Rage by Leslie Tate

I am Me by Sue Hampton for the People Not Boarders